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Hike across Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

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Hiking Grand Canyon Rim to Rim is one of the most famous and challenging hikes in the world. Nearly 6 million people visit Grand Canyon National Park each year, but only about 1% of those visitors trek across the canyon from rim to rim. Join this elite group of adventurers and conquer the canyon on a guided rim to rim hiking trip with AOA.

Hike across the canyon from north rim to south rim. Choose from our famous 5-day rim to rim trip or take crank up the difficulty and hike across the canyon over 3 days. Guided Rim to Rim hiking trips stay either one or two nights at Phantom Ranch lodge in the bottom of the canyon. Hiking rim to rim with AOA allows you to experience the challenge and accomplishment of a rim to rim trip with a professional guide to lead you, and all of the details, reservations, and logistics managed for you.

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5-Day Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

Hike Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon | guided trips with AOA make it easy
A bucket-list hike for many, we spend 1 night on the North Rim, 2 nights at Phantom Ranch and 1 night at a South Rim lodge.
Price: from $2,445 pp + local permits and fees
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Season: Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Lodges/Hotels

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3-Day Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

Hike Grand Canyon Rim to Rim with AOA and stay at Phantom Ranch
One of our most challenging hikes, going from Rim to Rim in just 2 days. We spend 1 night camping on the North Rim and 1 night in Phantom Ranch, ascending the Bright Angel Trail on day 3.
Price: $1,595 pp + local permits and fees
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Season: Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Camping, Lodges/Hotels

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Our Rim to Rim hiking trips run from May to September. During Rim to Rim off-season from October to May, we offer a 4-day Phantom Ranch Hiking trip, where we descend the South Kaibab Trail and ascend the Bright Angel Trail. For more information, visit our Phantom Ranch Hiking trip page.



Tips for planning a Rim to Rim Hiking Trip

A Rim to Rim hiking trip takes a lot more time and planning than most realize, read up on what it takes to go by yourself, as an organized group, or guided!

Need help choosing a backpack for your upcoming hiking trip? We’ve created a guide on how to find the right backpack for hiking and backpacking.

Hiking Rim to Rim over a few days is an incredible challenge. While quite the achievement, here’s are 5 reasons you shouldn’t hike Rim to Rim in one day.


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