Havasupai Guided Hiking & Backpacking Trips

Havasupai & Havasu Falls Guided Hiking & Backpacking Trips

TripAdvisor Certificate of ExcellenceA hiking trip to Havasu Falls in the bottom of the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable adventure. This remote canyon oasis is best known for the striking cobalt blue waterfalls that attract visitors from around the world, but hiking into Havasupai is about more than just the waterfalls. It is a world apart, a place where the rim-world fades away and visitors settle into the rhythm of the canyon. All of AOA’s hiking trips are led by professional guides. Hiking to Havasu Falls is strenuous and requires advance planning and training to ensure the trip is enjoyable. You must be capable of hiking 10 miles over uneven surfaces in a single day and at least 30 miles over the duration of your trip.
















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Havasu Falls Backpacking

Learn more about a 3-day backpacking trip to Havasupai with AOA
A more rugged experience where you rely on yourself and the expertise of your guide. Perfect for seasoned backpackers and fit beginners alike.
Price: $1,090 pp
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Backcountry camping

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4-Day Escape to Havasupai

Go on a guided 4 day hiking trip to Havasupai with AOA
Much like the 3-day but you get to spend an extra day in paradise- hiking further into Havasu Canyon or not- you choose!
Price: $1,475 pp
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Season: Spring, Fall
Accommodations: Basecamp style

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3-Day Havasupai Express

Learn more about a 3 day escape to Havasupai with AOA
Our shortest trip to Havasupai. Hike in day 1, spend a day exploring the 4 waterfalls close to camp, hike out day 3.
Price: $1,305 pp
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Season: Spring, Fall
Accommodations: Basecamp style

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5-Day Havasupai Adventurer

Go on a guided 5 day hiking adventure to Havasupai with AOA
*Guide Favorite!* Spend 1 night lodging at Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, 3 nights basecamp-style camping at Havasupai campground.
Price: $1,975 pp
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Basecamp style

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Grand Canyon Ultimate

Explore the Grand Canyon and Havasupai on a guided 6 day adventure with AOA
Get the best of the Grand Canyon. 2 nights basecamp-style camping on the South Rim, 3 nights basecamp-style camping at Havasupai campground.
Price: $2,275 pp
Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Basecamp style

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Tips for Planning a trip to Havasupai

Many see the photos, but only a few know the names of all of Havasupai’s waterfalls. Read on for a guide to the main waterfalls of Havasupai.

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Whether you would like to go on a guided trip to Havasupai or not, it is important to know about the permitting process to get to Havasupai. Our blog on how to reserve permits to Havasupai explains


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