Self-Guided Trips

Self-Guided Adventures With Expert Support

AOA’s self-guided tours offer the same quality, style, service and comforts of our guided trips. The only difference is that with self-guided, you are the guide!

Travelers are now discovering that self-guided travel is an exciting vacation option because of the freedom, flexibility, support and independence of a self-guided trip. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to do any work to put it together!

What is self-guided? 

  • Travel on dates that work best for you and your group
  • Travel with your own small group
  • Your route is meticulously planned by our experienced staff
  • Lodging is taken care of with hotel options to fit your budget
  • Luggage transfers are included
  • Access to local support and emergency services 24/7

For more information about our trips call us at 866-455-1601.


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Scottsdale & Sedona Winter Mountain Biking

Learn more about a Scottsdale and Sedona Self-guided mountain bike tour lead by AOA
Get the best mountain bike riding of Arizona on this trip. You’ll spend 3 days riding Sonoran Desert singletrack then head to Sedona for 3 days of guided mountain bike tours on infamous Sedona red slick rock and trails.
Price: from $1,335 pp
Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
Season: Winter, Spring
Accommodations: Lodges/Hotels

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Scottsdale Road Biking

Go on a self guided road cycling trip in Scottsdale lead by AOA
On this self-guided cycling tour of Scottsdale you have the option to ride anywhere from 30-70 miles each day, with the best variety of cycling routes of the area.
Price: from $819 pp
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Accommodations: Lodges/Hotels

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Napa Valley Road Biking

Go on a self guided cycling trip through Napa Valley lead by AOA
Bike your way through Napa wine country, with short and long options each day. Enjoy upscale lodging, luggage transfers, breakfast daily, a local guide book and the option to rent a bike from AOA.
Price: from $1,299 pp
Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Season: Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Lodges/Hotels

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Sonoma Road Biking

Go on a self guided cycling tour of Sonoma lead by AOA
A challenging self-guided road bike tour, with difficult routes only the locals know. Enjoy upscale lodging, luggage transfers, breakfast daily, a local guide book and the option to rent a bike from AOA.
Price: from $1,279 pp
Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Season: Summer, Fall
Accommodations: Lodges/Hotels

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Why choose self-guided? 

It is important to note that a self-guided vacation is not the same as ‘do-it-yourself’ or what is also known as self-contained. With a self-contained trip, you are responsible for everything from planning the routes, arranging hotels, luggage transfers, carrying your gear, etc. That does not sound like a fun vacation to us!



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